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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Glycoconjugates for Glycobiology

Terms & Conditions of Sale

These terms and conditions form an agreement between GlycoNZ Limited (“GlycoNZ”) and the customer (“Buyer”) with respect to the products Buyer purchases from GlycoNZ.

WEBSITE PRICING: Pricing listed on is the recommended retail price. The price is exclusive of VAT or any other applicable costs. Once an order is placed, a confirmation email will be sent confirming quantities and price.

PRICES: All prices are listed in U.S Dollars. Please contact GlycoNZ prior to making an order to ensure correct pricing. Discounts may be available on all products for bulk orders. All duties, taxes, customs charges, bank commission, and any special packaging charges will be the responsibility of the Buyer and if required, will be added to the invoice.

QUOTES: If a price is not listed or you require formal quote prior to placing an order, please contact us by email or complete the quote request form in the menu “Order”. Quotes are valid for 60 days from the date of generation. Pricing is only applicable for the quoted amount in mg. If a change in volume is required, GlycoNZ reserves the right to re-issue a new quote with updated pricing.

ORDERS: Orders will be accepted by email or mail. All orders must contain the name of the person placing the order, email and phone number. Please include product catalogue number, full product description, unit size, quantity required, billing and delivery address. GlycoNZ will work to ensure that only one lot number will be sent for each product, unless different lots are requested.

PAYMENT: Buyer shall pay for all orders strictly Net 30 days from the date of invoice. Payment may be requested upfront or 50% for large orders. Payments can be made by bank transfer (details will provided on the invoice) or with credit/debit cards via PayPal where the invoice link to complete the payment will be sent to the order billing email. GlycoNZ does not accept payment by cheques. Late charges (1.5% monthly late charge) may be applied to overdue invoices not paid within a reasonable time.

Account Holder: GlycoNZ Limited
Beneficiary Bank: ASB Bank Limited (SWIFT: ASBBNZ2A)
Beneficiary Account: 26900513USD47

FREIGHT: CFR, GlycoNZ Limited facility in Auckland, New Zealand or in some cases from Moscow, Russia sent freight collect or sent prepaid and added to the invoice (A standard rate of US$100 is applied to each shipment for the shipping and handling costs). Products shipped on dry-ice or on gel-ice are subject to an additional packaging charge depending on the number of days the package is in transit. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to notify GlycoNZ of all necessary documents needed for customs clearance or other purposes. Insurance is the responsibility of the consignee.

RETURNS: No returns will be accepted without prior written approval by GlycoNZ. If a return is approved, shipping instructions will be issued to the Buyer to facilitate processing. Only unopened vials may be returned. All shipping costs and a 20% handling/restocking fee will be the responsibility of the Buyer. Refunds are made once products are returned and suitable for restocking. No return of custom manufactured products will be authorised unless they are non-compliant with the pre-agreed written specifications.

CONDITION OF SALE: Products are for research use or further manufacturing use only.