Auckland, New Zealand


Glycoconjugates for Glycobiology

GlycoNZ offers a glycoarray for profiling the specificity of lectins and antibodies for scientific research

$500 / glycochip

Analysis of plasma samples for anti-glycan antibodies. High analytical sensitivity and specificity, with a broad dynamic range for titer, avidity and affinity.


  • 25×75×1 mm glass or plastic slides
  • ~600 immobilized ligands
  • ~400 synthetic mammalian glycans
  • ~200 pathogenic bacteria polysaccharides
  • Specific IgG and IgM measurable
  • Shelf life: 1 year at +4°C
  • Identification barcodes
  • ~ 3 hours analysis time

Any custom configuration of the chip is possible on request. Specialized thematic arrays, as

  • Blood group antigens
  • Cancer-associated antigens
  • Galectin ligands
  • Siglec ligands
  • Contact for custom design

Glycochip uses:

  • Search for glycan-binding proteins and characterization of their specificity; the proteins are, antibodies, lectins, glycosyltransferases, glycosidases [1-7];
  • Functional revealing of lectins and other carbohydrate-binding and carbohydrate-modifying molecules in composition of bacteria, viruses and cells;
  • Development of anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds acting on microorganism’s lectins;
  • Search for diagnostic signatures (combination of several antibodies-markers), for cancer, autoimmune and other diseases diagnostics [8-11].


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