GlycoNZ is a New Zealand company and the supplier/distributor of Synthaur LLC manufactured products, active in glycobiology and glycotechnology, both important and growing fields in life science. The product section includes about 500 glycoconjugates, which are the result of many years of experience acquired in the academic world.

It is the company’s ambitious endeavour to provide top performance and to occupy and maintain a leading position in this field. Our commitment is not only to find high-level solutions to problems by developing high-quality carbohydrate-based biochemicals but to offer our customers in the scientific world a collection of new and unique products, giving them the possibility to design and perform experiments which were impossible previously.

The range of products and services we offer is mainly orientated on the study of the functions of carbohydrates as well as the search and study of carbohydrate-binding proteins in biological processes, and on the discovery of new carbohydrate-mediated interactions.

Due to the great flexibility and reproducibility of our synthetic technology, we are in the position to rationally design and produce new glycoconjugates perfectly suited for each particular application. We already have great experience in collaborative research with pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions. At any time we are ready to help our customers in the design and production of new glycoconjugates, in the development of test-systems for diagnostics and HTP screening, or in the study of the fine specificity of carbohydrate-binding proteins.

We can also perform custom synthesis using substances available at the company or starting from compounds supplied by the customer.