Auckland, New Zealand

FP Series

Glycoconjugates for Glycobiology

Fluorophore Polymeric Probes

Probes designed to reveal lectins (including selectins) directly on cell membranes, organelles, and in the cytoplasm.

The low fluorescein content does not affect the probe solubility in water but it still allows a reliable probe detection.

PAA used as a molecular weight carrier demonstrated an absence of non-specific interaction with cells and it is stable to chemical and proteolytic action.

The affinity of the probes is 102 – 105 times higher than that of corresponding free sugars.

PAA is poly[N-(2-hydroxyethyl)acrylamide], a flexible polymer chain serves as an additional spacer.

Mr approx. 30kDa

Content: carbohydrate 20% mol.

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